Important Factors To Consider With The Plans For A Rabbit Hutch

So long as you have a good design, making a rabbit hutch can be a simple task. Now you can buy a rabbit hutch, and this would be the easiest thing to do, but it is far cheaper to build your own, so in this article, we will be looking at this.

First of all, you will need a set of good rabbit hutch plans. Now there are several plans available, but you need to build on the basis of your own rabbit needs. For example, you may have several rabbits, in which case, your hutch requirements will be different to someone that has just the one rabbit.


You can design your own hutch, and on the other hand, you could find a comprehensive set of rabbit hutch plans to work from. You can find information relating to a very comprehensive set of rabbit hutch plans at this website. Now if you get a load of different designs, you should consider which one is best suited to your circumstances. If your rabbit is kept indoors, you won’t need the same level of insulation as outdoor rabbit hutches for example, so you will be saving money if you are building an indoor hutch. On the other hand, if you are building an outdoor rabbit hutch, you should consider where you live in the world before you follow the design completely. For example, if you live in a county that has exceptionally low temperatures in the winter, you should look at increasing the overall insulation, and alternatively, if you live in a country where the summers are very hot, you should consider good ventilation so that the rabbit doesn’t become uncomfortable.

Always be sure to let the rabbit have enough water. Your hutch should accommodate for ample drinking and food too.

Another important part of the hutch design is the removal of the fowled bedding. The straw and sawdust can quickly become soaked with the rabbit urine, so it is important to ensure that the hutch design caters for simple cleaning for the sake of the rabbits own health and hygiene.