Fun Ways to Introduce Exercise in the Family Lifestyle

Obesity in young people is a real issue in the United States. It is the role of the parent to ensure that the child is living a healthy life, which will ensure that even as an adult that child will have an easier time living a healthy life. Congratulations if you have introduced healthy meals in your house; now go the extra mile and get some exercise in there.

Living a healthy, active life is essential for maintaining both physical and mental health. This is especially important for growing kids and adolescents, because it helps to build strong bones and muscles, and keeps them sharp at school. One of the best ways to encourage a healthy lifestyle is for the whole family to get in on it – exercising together, eating healthy meals, and teaching children about food and the importance of nutrition.

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Exercise is necessary for the growing children especially in building strong bones and muscles. The following are some suggestions on how to introduce exercise;

  • Time to play

We all lead very busy lives; even children’s school schedules are jam-packed. It is, therefore, important to set aside time in your schedule for activities the whole family can do together. Decide on one or two things you can do every day like taking the dog for a walk, or going to the park to kick a ball, or riding bicycles.

  • Get fit, slowly but surely

People of different ages have different fitness levels, and being able to do activities together means considering everyone’s fitness level, setting attainable goals and keeping track of progress. Build fitness slowly, walks around the block this week, walk half a block farther next week, or run up the hill instead of walking. The most important part is to do it together and keep it fun.

  • Let’s talk about food

Children need to learn about healthy foods from an early age, and why it is good for their bodies. Teach them about the different food groups, and the vitamins and minerals your body needs to stay healthy. Knowledge is power, so when you go shopping teach them how to read food labels, and distinguish between healthy and unhealthy foods. Remember to set an example by having the whole family follow a healthy, balanced diet.

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Therefore, you have put aside time to play, introduced healthy foods and have set realistic goals; the next step is to choose some interesting activities for you and your family.

  • Choose Yoga for Your Family

Not all group fitness classes will be a good fit for your family, but once you find one that works, you will be hooked! Yoga is a good starting point. Teenagers can keep up with the yoga workouts and providing them an excellent foundation for stretching and becoming more flexible will be valuable as they get older.

  • Get Zealous about Zumba

Zumba, a dance-based aerobics class, is another family favorite. It is more intense than yoga, but again, there are many modifications available. Adults and children alike often complain that exercise classes are boring – not so with Zumba

  • Turn Family Activities into Fitness Fun

Even if you cannot find a fitness class that is right for your family, your fitness time can still be family time. To start placing a priority on fitness in your family’s life, you simply need to change the way you think about what makes a worthy family adventure. So the next time you go out for your favorite health and fitness activities as a family, try to implement some goals that will help you get the biggest fitness benefits – such as swimming longer or walking faster.

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